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Supported by our national network, the Skills Tasmania E-Learning Unit provides support to all those interested in e-learning from teachers and trainers, Registered Training Organisations to industry and businesses in Tasmania.

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Why you might be interested in e-learning

Employers and individuals expect greater choice and control over the time, place and content of training, both to cope with skill shortages and to minimise work downtime for training.

The demand for e-learning opportunities will also come from the current and future Generation Y students, for whom technology is integrated in their entertainment and social interaction.  It’s really just a part of their life – they see no separation between on and offline experiences.

As an RTO, e-learning can help meet your business challenges, make learning more accessible to time poor learners and increase the participation rate of learners.

Here are some stories about what others have done

The E-learning for Participation and Skills business activity was established for 2012/13. It  provided opportunities for learners, including disadvantaged learners, to gain access to pre-vocational training, training for critical skills needs (informed by jurisdictional and national priorities) and/or pathways to higher qualifications to increase workforce participation.

Projects utilised broadband-enabled (high-speed) information technology to enhance learning opportunities were a focus of this activity, developing expertise in preparation for the National Broadband Network (NBN) rollout. Project proponents were required to demonstrate consultation with stakeholder groups to establish priorities, criteria and channels for targeting e-learning programs to specific learner groups. Projects funded under this business activity highlighted the benefits of e-learning for achieving accessible vocational education and training.

Each project developed a case study, along with their fantastic resource outputs.  Head to the E-Learning for Participation and Skills Wiki to read real accounts of their journeys and access the resources.

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